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Internet fax and Email fax service Business internet fax service saves you on expensive paper, toner, regular maintenance and extra phone line. We take pride to offer online faxing service to our business customers in the fields of Education, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Home building, Insurance, Legal, Logistics, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Retail throughout USA and Canada.


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Email Fax + Internet Fax Features & Highlights

Local or Toll Free Fax Number Local or Toll Free Fax Number:
You have a choice to select local or toll free fax number at no extra charge.

Local Fax Numbers Local Fax Numbers:
Local fax numbers are available in cities throughout Canada and the United States.

Toll Free Fax Numbers Toll Free Fax Numbers:
Toll free fax numbers are available in Canada and the United States. You're out-of-state or province clients can fax you without paying long distance charges.

No More Busy Fax Line No More Busy Fax Line:
You can receive multiple faxes simultaneously so that your clients never get a busy line. We operate and work for you 24 hours, 7 days a week. You do not have to be online.

Fax by Email Fax by Email, Receive Fax on Computer:
You can fax to any number using your email service. No additional software is required and it works with all email programs. Supported file types include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Snapshot, PDF, and Text files, JPG, PNG, BMP and HTML.

Fax Online via Gofaxgo Web Interface Fax Online via Gofaxgo Web Interface:
Logon to your online fax service account from our web site and you can view, send, receive, print or forward faxes online. Access your faxes from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Send and Receive Faxes by Using Handheld Devices Send and Receive Faxes by Using Handheld Devices:
Emailfax.mobi is fully compatible with all the current handheld devices available today. The make and model of the device you have is irrelevant as long as your device can view PDF or TIF files. You can send and receive faxes with your handheld just as easily as you would use a PC. Gofaxgo Works with your smart phone.

Send Faxes from Multiple Email Accounts Send Faxes from Multiple Email Accounts:
Send a fax from any one of your email accounts. Our all business packages allows 9 authorized email accounts to send and receive faxes. You can also cc. (carbon copy) an unlimited number of email accounts when a fax is received or sent.

Send Faxes from Microsoft Office Send Faxes from Microsoft Office:
Gofaxgo users can fax from Microsoft Office directly without installing any software or application.

Multiple Users in one Account Multiple Users in one Account:
All business fax packages allow multiple users with or without their own individual fax number. As an administrator all users can be managed.

Fax Storage on the Server Fax Storage on the Server:
All business packages allow multiple users with or without their own individual fax number. As an administrator all users can be managed.

Fax to Email Privacy and Security Fax to Email Privacy & Security:
Privacy guaranteed through password protection and integration with our secure email system.

File Format Options File Format Options:
You have the choice of receiving your faxes in TIF or PDF file formats.

Schedule Fax Delivery Schedule Fax Delivery:
When sending a fax it can be delivered immediately or be scheduled for a later time.

Multiple Fax Recipients Multiple Fax Recipients:
Send the same fax up to 50 fax numbers at a time.

File Attachments File Attachments:
Attach multiple documents to be faxed. Our system supports all standard document type attachments.

Send Unlimited Fax Pages Send Unlimited Fax Pages:
Fax as many pages as you like. You can send or receive more than your allocated free pages per month by paying a small fee per page.

Auto Resend Faxes Auto Resend Faxes:
System automatically re-attempts to send failed fax transmissions 6 (six) times.

Fax Delivery Confirmations Fax Delivery Confirmations:
A detailed delivery confirmation will be sent to your email address.

Fax Cover Page Fax Cover Page:
A Personal, Company and Standard cover page are available with each account. Use the one you need for each fax. Your can customize the cover pages with your company logo as well.

Fax Archive, Fax Storage Online Fax Archive, Fax Storage Online:
Save sent and received faxes online for 1 year.

Fax free to across North America Fax free to across North America:
No extra charges when faxing within USA and Canada.